jsschools.com was started with a sole motive to make Javascript and Typescript learning and development easy.

I write articles that make the learning fun, intuitive and easy to understand. Technology is transforming the way we operate and Javascript is one such technology that changed the way the Web Works.

Javascript is assumed to be a web only language which is a wrong assumption. Javascript can be used to code absolutely anything from Desktop apps with Electron JS to mobile apps with platforms like Ionic, React Native to stunning Websites with React, Angular, Vue.

Javascript is a fun way of programming and Typescript make it more fun to code with. The future is getting transformed with the introduction Typescript and its not a under pinning statement to begin with.

I had been working with Typescript for about 5+ years and i have not enjoyed more.

Infact this entire website was built in minutes with Ghost which is a Javascript CMS framework. I am not getting promotional here to any one technology but this is much snappier and faster than other CMS platforms such as wordpress (which i definitely don’t recommend even for a small websites).


Nithin Bharadwaj
Full Stack Developer
reach me @ nithinbharathwaj@gmail.com